Anfigraf. Enjoy Printing!

Technical advice

We have a technical advisory team that helps the customer’s idea become a reality through the choice of supports, inks, finishes… ideal for each product.

Bring us your idea, we will help you make it possible.


Our pre-press department has the capacity to create the plates, with Computer to Plate (CTP) systems, of the latest technology. In Anfigraf we have implemented the GMG color management system, number 1 worldwide in all color reproduction tests. In this way, we guarantee a total control of the color transmission process between creation and printing, based on the ISO printing standard.

The final print quality is born in prepress.


We offer an offset and digital printing service with personalized advice. All our printing machines are equipped with CIP4 technology, which allows the automatic transfer of the parameters of each job from the prepress software to the printing machines.

All our machines are from Heidelberg, a world reference in the graphic arts sector. Currently, among all the machines we have available, there are a total of 15 printing units, with sizes ranging from 10.5 x 14.5 cm to 75 x 52 cm, with a production capacity of high quality performance in the sector.

Our machine park is in continuous renovation.

Binding and handling

Anfigraf’s post-printing department is also self-sufficient, and has a state-of-the-art machinery park consisting of folding machines with a maximum input format of 82 cm; a magazine binding machine; a book binding machine; a book sewing machine; laminating machines; an automatic die-cutting machine; guillotines, and all kinds of more specific auxiliary machines, such as checkbook binding machines, a spiral and double-spiral machine, Wire-o…

Customized finishing and handling.

Picking and shipping

At Anfigraf we do not limit ourselves to creating graphic products, we also take care of distributing and shipping them. Thus, we have a professional logistics department dedicated to the preparation and shipment of orders, taking into account the customer’s needs. In this way, we have the appropriate facilities to be able to develop the picking of any customer’s products.

Anfigraf, reducing distances.
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